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The thrash metal sound of Slayer was formed in Huntington Beach, CA in 1982. Comprising Tom Araya (bass, vocals), Kerry King (guitar), Jeff Hanneman (guitar) and Dave Lombardo (drums), they made their debut in 1983, with a track on the compilation Metal Massacre III. After that the rest has been history. The band played at breakneck speed with amazing technical precision, but the intricacies of detail were lost in a muddy production. Araya's lyrics dealt with death, carnage, Satanism and torture, but were reduced to an indecipherable guttural howl. But this chaos called music is what set the ways for Slayer and many bands to follow.

Through the years, Slayer has been hit with much controversy over their lyrics, including lawsuits. But through the years Slayer has managed to build a following from coast to coast. Slayer has played such tours as Monsters of Rock, Ozzfest, and recently toured the U.S. co-headling with Pantera.

Now almost 20 years later, Slayer is still playing just as hard as ever. Will Slayer ever stop? Not likely, considering they are keeping up with thrash bands half their age, after all they did start it!

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Telluric Manifesto - Poema Arcanus




Poema Arcanus are a doom/death band of sorts which has reached their 3rd release so far if I m not mistaken. I 'm saying, of sorts since - their sound is not quite crystallized and they tend to have lots of Gothic and even some jazzy influences. There's no clear structure and the songs veer, so the closest I could come up with would be oddy - soddy doom metal. The vocalist transcends between growls and some sardonian "clean" gothic cacophony - ever so often and if I m not mistaken he too switches from English to Spanish. They might appeal to fans of a crossover between the 2 eras of Moonspell actually. While it's not bad as per ce, they need to work harder I think to achieve something more solid and well structured, because right now - it's a bit indifferent.

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Spiritual Warfare - Bewitched



If Chronicles of Chaos hasn't been especially kind to Bewitched over the years, then it's certainly not been undeserved. Like many acts who choose to wallow in metal's former glories, Bewitched's Achilles heel, as it were, has been a nagging tendency to ham up their material, resulting in what was undoubtedly meant to be a tribute sounding more like a full blown piss-take than anything else.

As if to underline that a stretch served in obscurity has done them the world of good, _Spiritual Warfare_ leaves no doubt that the band have come on in leaps and bounds. Scaling back on the black metal elements that took centre stage on previous releases, Bewitched's new material oozes vintage thrash pomp and consistently strikes with corporeal accuracy. But what really helps the record steal the show are subtle touches such as the brief, spirited burst of clean singing that rounds out "Fucked by Fire". These surprises -- along with a slew of riffs laden with enough hooks to peel the skin off a grown man's face -- makes _Spiritual Warfare_ the jewel in Bewitched's otherwise rusty crown.

01. Fucked By Fire
02. Gracefallen
03. Let Darkness Come
04. Heisinme
05. Black Burning Hatred
06. Glorious Are The Ways Of Death
07. Malevolent Force Of Destruction
08. This Is Goodbye
09. My Skin Loves The Steel
10. Spiritual Warfare

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Unexpected - Beautiful Sin

Uli Kusch (ex-Helloween, Masterplan) met Magali Luyten (a Belgian singer) in 2002, when he was invited to produce a demo-cd for Magali’s band. Two years later, Uli started to work on his own side-project. He remembered Magali, talked to her about his ideas, and Beautiful Sin was born. Masterplan-colleague Axel Mackenrott was recruited on keyboards, along with Jorn Viggo Lofstad (Jorn, Pegans Mind) on guitar and Steinar Krokmo (Pegans Mind) on bass. Their first album, “The Unexpected”, is released by AFM Records, and was recorded in Belgium and Norway during 2005.

The album kicks in with a strong metal song “Lost”, and immediately Magali’s voice takes centre-stage with a powerful and yet melodic presence. Her emotional outbursts are something to behold, and I must say that I’ve never heard anything quite like it before. There certainly are some similarities with Masterplan, but the sound is a lot heavier, and of course, a female singer makes a difference. As the next few songs prove, Uli Kusch’s metal roots are heavily present here, although his trademark melodic passages soften everything up quite a bit. “This Is Not The Original Dream”, “The Spark Of Ignition”, “Take Me Home” and “I’m Real” are all nice, heavy melodic metal songs, while “Closer To My Heart” displays a more sensitive side to the band. The instrumental song “The Beautiful Sin” could even be the theme of a movie. Nicely done. All in all an impressive debut album, showing real potential for future releases.

Magali’s great voice, beautiful melodies and impressive guitarwork from Viggo, together with a great production from Uli, all add up to make an incredible metal album. With Jorn Lande leaving Masterplan, at least Uli Kusch has a great future with Beautiful Sin, if they can’t find a suitable replacement for Jorn. A real revelation!

01. Lost
02. This Is Not The Original Dream
03. Take Me Home
04. I'm Real
05. The Spark Of Ignition
06. Closer To My Herd
07. Give Up Once For All
08. Brace For Impact
09. Pechvogel (Unlucky Pellow)
10. Metalwaves
11. The Beautiful Sin

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