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Special Haggard










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Virgin Black - Elegant ...And Dying


Elegant... and Dying is the second album from the Australian Gothic metal band Virgin Black. The album was released in June, 2003, on The End Records.

 Track listing

Adorned In Ashes
Velvet Tongue
And The Kiss Of God's Mouth (Part I.)
And The Kiss Of God's Mouth (Part II.)
The Everlasting
Cult Of Crucifixion
Our Wings Are Burning


Samantha Escarbe - guitar, cello
Rowan London - lead vocals, keyboards, piano
Craig Edis - guitar, vocals
Dino Cielo - drums
Ian Miller - bass
Sonia Wilkie (guest) - violin

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Ayreon: vocal dos Blind Guardian estará em CD




Foi divulgado o nome de mais um vocalista convidado para o novo trabalho do AYREON: Hansi Kürsch, do BLIND GUARDIAN; confira neste link uma parte da performance de Hansi.

Previsto para sair no final deste ano/início do próximo o disco conterá 15 vocalistas convidados, visto que até o momento estão confirmados também os nomes de Ty Tabor (KING'S X), Magali Luyten (VIRUS IV), Simone Simons (EPICA), Liselotte Hegt (DIAL), Tom S. Englund (EVERGREY), Jorn Land (MASTERPLAN), Jonas P. Renske, do KATATONIA, Bob Catley do MAGNUM, Anneke van Giersbergen, THE GATHERING/AGUA DE ANNIQUE, Phideaux Xavier e Floor Jansen do AFTER FOREVER.

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Nightwish: altas vendas, custos altos


Click to view full size image

O site oficial do NIGHTWISH informa que o novo álbum da banda, "Dark Passion Play", vendeu 42.000 cópias em apenas um dia de lançamento (saiu ontem, 26 de setembro, no país natal do grupo).

E de acordo com o baterista Jukka Nevalainen, "Dark Passion Play" foi o álbum mais caro até hoje produzido por uma banda finlandesa .

 "Não sabemos  definir a quantia exacta em euros", teria dito a um jornal finlandês chamado Helsingin Sanomat.

Sabe-se que metade destes custos veio das despesas com a  gravação realizada no Abbey Road Studios de Londres, que incluiu a contratação da London Session Orchestra, do Metro Voices Choir, um coro gospel e diversos músicos irlandeses.

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Quarta-feira, 26 de Setembro de 2007







Albums (Studio)


Soulside Journey - (1991)


A Blaze in the Northern Sky - (1992)


Under a Funeral Moon - (1993)


Transilvanian Hunger - (1994)


Panzerfaust - (1995)


Total Death - (1996)



Goatlord - (1997) Recorded In 1990 - 1991


Ravishing Grimness - (1999)


Preparing For War (Best Of, 1988-1994) - (2000)


Plaguewielder - (2001)


Hate Them - (2003)



Sardonic Wrath - (2004)


Preparing For War (Re-Released as a Box Set with a bonus CD of demos and DVD of live rare performances and interviews) - (2005)


The Cult is Alive - (2006)


F.O.A.D. - (2007)





God of Disturbance and Friction - Single, Released on "Moonfog 2000 - A Different Perspective" - (2000)


Too Old, Too Cold [EP] - (2006) - Single/EP release with one new song (Too Old, Too Cold), an exclusive track featuring Grutle of Enslaved on guest vocals (High on Cold War), a cover of Siouxsie & The Banshees (Love In A Void), and an alternate vocal version of one other album track (Graveyard Slut).


Forebyggende Krig  - (2006) - 7" online exclusive release limited to 2000 copies. Includes a cover of "Bad Attitude", originally recorded by Testors (American punk band from the late 1970's), with Fenriz on lead vocals.


NWOBHM [EP] - (2007) - Single/EP released as a 'small taster' for the album F.O.A.D. with one new song exclusively for the EP (Hedninger Fra Helvete) which means 'Heathens From Hell'.




Land of Frost [Demo] - (1988)


A New Dimension [Promo] - (1988)



Thulcandra [Demo] - (1989)



Cromlech [Promo] - (1989)



 Material on Compilations

Darkthrone, Holy Darkthrone - Eight Norwegian Bands Paying Tribute - Tribute album released by Moonfog Records - (1998)



Aside from Mayhem and Moonblood, Darkthrone may have the honor of being one of the most commonly bootlegged black metal bands. The three best known bootlegs include The Roots of Evilness Live which includes a live Darkthrone performance from :


1990 with the Thulcandra demo recording


The True Legends In Black, which is a split album with Mayhem and contains the Thulcandra demo


 and A Night of Unholy Black Metal, which contains a recording of Darkthrone's final live 1996 performance, four additional live songs from 1991, and five rehearsal tracks for Under A Funeral Moon.


There are also many other bootlegs that are not covered here.

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Deadsoul Tribe - A Lullaby For The Devil

Image:DST-A Lullaby for the Devil.jpg


A Lullaby for the Devil is the fifth full-length studio album by the progressive metal band Dead Soul Tribe, expected to be released on September 11, 2007 by InsideOut Music. The initial pressing of the album will include a multimedia section with acoustic live material. The cover artwork is a hidden tribute to Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull, his typical pose with a flute from the 70s like a Pied-Piper (ratcatcher).


Track listing
"Psychosphere" − 3:36
"Goodbye City Life" − 8:27
"Here Come the Pigs" − 4:01
"Lost in You" − 4:55
"A Stairway to Nowhere" − 6:35
"The Gossamer Strand" − 6:21
"Any Sign at All" − 6:17
"Fear" − 4:24
"Further Down" − 2:57
"A Lullaby for the Devil" − 6:13


Devon Graves − lead vocals, guitar
Roland Ivenz − bass
Adel Moustafa − drums
Roland Kerschbaumer − guitar

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Elvenking - The Scythe


The Scythe is the fourth studio album by Italian folk metal band Elvenking. The Scythe was released on September 14 through AFM records in all European countries. The full version of the leading song "The Scythe" is on the band's Myspace page. Also, the video for "The Divided Heart" has also been posted on YouTube.

On August 11, 2007, someone posted the full version of The Scythe and The Divided Heart on ISOhunt.com for download.

On August 29, 2007, someone else posted the full album on ISOhunt.com and Mininova.org for download. This torrent does not include the bonus tracks "Horns Ablaze" and "The Open Beach".

Track listing
"The Scythe"
"Lost Hill Of Memories"
"Poison Tears"
"A Riddle Of Stars"
"Romance & Wrath"
"The Divided Heart"
"Horns Ablaze"
"Death And The Suffering" - This song is a play off of the Wintersun song "Death and the Healing"
"The Open Beach" (Japanese Bonus Track)
The digipack version should include also the video for the song "The Divided Heart" and a bonus track "Horns Ablaze".


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Depressed Mode - Ghosts Of Devotion


If I were to call Depressed Mode slow-tempo doom metal it might be an understatement. Their debut album, Ghosts of Devotion, is filled with cloned My Dying Bride tracks. Most of the songs fit the same structure and don’t venture out of those guidelines. A lot of the tracks don’t really go anywhere or ever even really pick up. As a whole, the album is anticlimactic. The songs repeat themselves immensely and end up with extensive measures and sections.

Depressed Mode combines Dimmu Borgir symphonic synths, My Dying Bride doomdeath vocals, and black metal sounding guitars played at a doom pace. The opening track “Alone” starts with an epic beginning that would suit any Dimmu album. The epic symphony is simple and carries on far too long to hold the listener’s interest. The tracks are dark and dim, but not usually entertaining from here on out. Tracks like “Suffer in Darkness” and “Fallen Angel” are trancy but not quite metal or representations of the band, more filler. “Words of Silence”, like many of the aforementioned tracks, starts with a lone eerie piano, but the song possess a more upbeat chord progression (that just repeats itself over and over). This theme of repetition is a constant of Ghosts of Devotion and plagues virtually the entire album.

Depressed Mode’s Ghosts of Devotion
1. Alone
2. So Long
3. Words of Silence
4. Suffer in Darkness
5. Ghost of Devotion
6. The Sun is Dead
7. Fallen Angel
8. Dunkelheit (Burzum Cover)
9. Cold


review retirade de : http://www.rocknworld.com/thrashpit/reviews/07/DepressedMode.shtml

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War From A Harlots Mouth - Transmetropolitan

Insaniac hybrid of guttural death, hardcore, and technical grind, with smaller elements of prog, jazz and triphop floating around. Amazing, scary, crazy stuff.

01. How To Disconnect From Your Social Surrounding In Half An Hour
02. Heeeey… Let'S Start A Band!
03. The District Attorneys Are Selling Your Blood
04. Trife Life
05. Fighting Wars With Keyboards
06. Mulder
07. Thousand Complaints One Answer
08. If You Want To Blame Us For Something Wrong, Please Abuse This Song!
09. Riding Dead Horses Is A Fucking Curse
10. Transmetropolitan
11. And In The Right To Make Mistakes We May Lost Everything And Start Again

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Special Gallhammer









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