Quarta-feira, 9 de Janeiro de 2008


Os polacos Behemoth estarão de regresso a Portugal nos dias 11 e 12 de Fevereiro deste ano. No dia 11 a banda de Nergal, Inferno e Orion actua no Cine-Teatro Julio Dinis, no Porto, a partir das 21.00h, enquanto que no dia 12 é a vez do Cine-Teatro de Corroios, também a partir das 21.00h. A primeira parte será assegurada pelos Suicide Silence e pelos Devilish Impressions. Os bilhetes custam Eur 20,00 [em venda antecipada] e Eur 22,50 [no próprio dia] e estão à venda nos locais habituais.

fonte : http://loud.weblog.com.pt/

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Sexta-feira, 4 de Janeiro de 2008


No dia 9 de Fevereiro os Humanart e os Daemongorgon actuam ao vivo no Metalpoint, no Porto

Retirado de :http://loud.weblog.com.pt/

Viva Humanart!!!

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Alguns cds para ouvir...minha opinião claro


Healing Through Fire [2007]

1. The Ballad Of Solomon Eagle
2. Vagrant Stomp
3. The Ale House Braves
4. Cities Of Frost
5. Hot Knives And Open Sores
6. Hounds Ditch
7. Mortlake (Dead Water)
8. They Come Back (Harvest Of Skulls)
9. Beginners Guide To Suicide

Poets & Pornstars - Poets & Pornstars
(2007 / Adrenaline Music )

01. Rock And Roll
02. Get Your Kicks
03. Strange
04. My Devil's Song (SexWineWomenSongSugarMagicMoney)
05. In The Dark
06. War On Gravity
07. Monkey
08. Partners In Crime
09. Spy Vs. Spy
10. Earthman


Exile Paradise - In Strict Confidence

1. The Harder They Come…
2. Promised Land
3. Forbidden Fruit
4. Fading Light
5. Wintermoon
6. Manchmal Redest Du Im Schlaf
7. Regicide
8. Der Teufel
9. Away From Here
10. In Favilla
11. Something To Remember
12. …The Harder They Fall


Angel Down - Sebastian Bach


1. Angel Down
2. You Don’t Understand
3. Back in the Saddle(com Axl Rose)
4. Love is a Bitchslap(com Axl Rose)
5. Stuck Inside(com Axl Rose)
6. American Metalhead
7. Negative Light
8. Live and Die
9. By Yourside
10. Our Love is a Lie
11. Take you Down With Me
12. Stabbin’ Daggers
13. You Bring me Down
14. Falling Into You

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Dream Theater: CD "best of" será lançado em março

No dia 18 de março a Rhino Records lançará o CD duplo "Greatest Hit & 19 Other Pretty Cool Songs", dos DREAM THEATER. Track-list, capa e outras informações ainda não foram divulgadas.

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Quinta-feira, 3 de Janeiro de 2008

O baterista Mike Portnoy, dos DREAM THEATER, revelou a sua lista de "melhores de 2007"

O baterista Mike Portnoy, dos  DREAM THEATER, revelou a sua lista de "melhores de 2007", com  álbuns, filmes e séries de TV do ano.

Melhores álbuns de 2007:


2. MACHINE HEAD - The Blackening

3. PORCUPINE TREE - Fear Of A Blank Planet

4. BEARDFISH - Sleeping In Traffic: Part One

5. THE DEER HUNTER - Act II: The Meaning Of And All Things Regarding Ms. Leading



8. BLOTTED SCIENCE - The Machinations Of Dementia

9. FOO FIGHTERS - Echoes, Silence, Patience and Grace

10. OCEANSIZE - Frames

11. Symphony X - Paradise Lost

12. Pain Of Salvation - Scarsick

13. Riverside - Rapid Eye Movement

14. 3 - The End Is Begun

15. Down - Over The Under

16. Baroness - The Red Album

17. Overkill - Immortalis

18. MEGADETH - United Abominations

19. Rush - Snakes And Arrows

20. Thought Chamber - Angular Perceptions

Melhores filmes de 2007:

1. No Country For Old Men

2. Taxidermia

3. The Lives Of Others

4. Across The Universe

5. Eastern Promises

6. Grindhouse

7. Cassandra's Dream

Melhores séries e programas de TV de 2007:

1. Lost

2. The Sopranos

3. Brotherhood

4. Rescue Me

5. Tell Me You Love Me

6. Dexter

7. The Shield

8. Heroes

9. The Office

10. Curb Your Enthusiasm

11. Extras

12. The Flight Of The Conchords

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Opeth releases double live album spanning entire catalog

Two years ago, one of the most groundbreaking releases in decades brought the metal world to its knees.

Opeth's "Ghost Reveries" was hailed by fans and critics alike, even being named as the 18th best album of the last 20 years in a recent issue of Metal Hammer magazine.

The brainchild of Mikael Akerfeldt, Opeth has been around for nearly 20 years and has returned with a double live album, "The Roundhouse Tapes," which spans the band's entire catalog.

"We wanted to make sure that we concentrated on playing stuff from as many albums as we possibly could," explained Akerfeldt in a recent interview with the Tribune from a studio in Orebro, Sweden, where the band currently is working on their next album. "There are songs from all of the albums, apart from 'Deliverance.' It was a pretty good setlist."

Having previously released a live DVD, Akerfeldt noted certain limitations on that recording they didn't face this time around.

"We wanted to play lots of the early stuff because we couldn't have any early songs on the last DVD because of re-recording restrictions," he explained. "I'm really happy about some of the versions, especially some of the older songs. I think they sound better on this album than they do on the original record."

The Roundhouse is a legendary venue in London chosen specifically for the live Opeth record because of its history.

"I wasn't aware of this venue until they mentioned it to me, so I checked it out and it turns out it was used by many of my favorite bands in the '60s and '70s," Akerfeldt said. "It was a very good venue. Being in London, we had a good crowd there. I think it sounds awesome."

Going into a gig knowing that it is being filmed for a DVD and recorded for a live album can bring added pressures, but it doesn't last for too long, according to Akerfeldt.

"I guess initially through the first couple of minutes, you kind of go 'ooh, let's not (mess) up this song.' You kind of get over that after awhile," he said. "You try and enjoy yourself. Whatever (stuff) you say between the songs you want that to be extra cool. After awhile, I didn't think about the cameras."

While the audio CD is already out, the DVD version of "The Roundhouse Tapes" is slated for release in early 2008.

Akerfeldt is known for his unique style of guitar along with his opposing mix of melodic and guttural vocals. Musically, each song is a long adventure as four of the six songs on the first disc clock in at more than 10 minutes apiece, while no song in the show was less than eight minutes.

For Akerfeldt, a live Opeth show is all about the music and doesn't necessarily center too much on video screens or props.

"The core of the show is the songs," he said. "We just wanna play the songs well and have a good time playing them and maybe some interaction with the crowd. It's nothing spectacular. It's not like going to see Motley Crue. If you're a deaf guy, you can go see Motley Crue and you'd think it rocks (because) you can't hear anything."

"We've been talking about having a screen because we're not that animated on stage," he continued. "It's like we have lead boots on. It's like we stand in one place and headbang ... walk a few steps to the right and headbang there for awhile."

Currently in the studio wrapping up the finishing touches on an album scheduled for release sometime in early spring 2008, Akerfeldt is excited about the new tunes.

"I just listened to Fredrik's guitar solos. We've done four guitar solos for this album so far. Just 10 minutes before you called, I listened to the finished versions (and) I almost started crying. He's just amazing," Akerfeldt said of the contributions of new guitarist Fredrik Akkeson, formerly of Arch Enemy, who recently replaced Peter Lindgren in Opeth. "In comparison to him, I'm just a nobody. I'm just blown away by him. I love his style."

While Akerfeldt acknowledges Opeth's rise to international fame behind 2005's "Ghost Reveries," he realizes that the band probably won't become a household name because of their sophisticated style.

"I think our music is a bit too complex to appeal to a wider crowd," he said. "That's the way we like it and that's the way we're gonna continue. I wouldn't mind ... if everybody in the world loved it. But, the bigger crowds seem to enjoy elevator music. Music that you don't have to listento."

Following up an album as successful as "Ghost Reveries" is a challenge Akerfeldt feels the band has met.

"From my point of view, I think it's the best album we have ever done," Akerfeldt said of the new songs. "At the time I recorded ('Ghost Reveries') I felt the same as I do now about this album. The people I've played the demos to are like 'wow, this is really something special.' (But), it's not up to me to say."

Listen to Opeth online at www.myspace.com/opeth.

retirado de : http://www.greatfallstribune.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20071226/LIFESTYLE/712260306

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